Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Faith!!

Yesterday was my BFF Faith's birthday, but the festivities actually began the day before. We have been planning this eventful evening for a month and it was finally here! We first began by treating our self to some delicious Indian food! We had the dinner buffet at India Oven and it was delicious!
Next we went to Cinemark to wait in line for 4 hours to watch the much anticipated "Hunger Games!"
Here we are in line! We just hung out and talked and saw old friends and played card games. It wasn't too bad of a wait. We made friends with some of the people waiting with us.
Finally, We got in and Faith and I got great seats! Both of us weren't feeling too good (that wasn't going to stop us) so we got some munchies to keep us comfortable!
Finally the movie began! It was AWESOME! When a movie is based off a book, it ends up being picked apart. It's hard to live up to the imagination of the readers. In my case I think the movie did real well. It was very much like I imagined. It was also very exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat! It's worth seeing whether you read the book or not! (Read the book!) :)
It was a fun night. I'm not a fan of midnight showings, but i enjoyed being with Faith. I'll get over my sleep deprivation eventually! Happy Birthday Faith!!!
Oh and Happy Birthday to my wonderful Father. His Birthday was this week as well, but we are celebrating it next week when the whole family can get together!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Utah

For part of Spring Break I visited my family in Utah! Here is baby Alex who is super-duper cute! She was playing with my favorite toy!
Here we are together. The flash kind of washed us out, but I still like the photo!
Margaret and I always have good times together and we always take silly pictures together. I went to classes with her and toured BYU. She goes to a large school. I spent the night at her apartment and didn't get any sleep. Still fun!
It also snowed and I had to shovel it! But I really didn't because it melted by the afternoon. A good thing did come from it: I have buff arms now!
We went to the Islamic art exhibit at BYU and saw some cool stuff. Here are the pictures I got before the security guard told me to stop...

It was awesome. It's always nice to relax and to get away from the world...and homework! I love going to Utah because it's all about family and relaxing. Oh and I learned how to play Dominion! Can I just say that I love that game...probably going to go purchase me a set!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Criminal Metro

There are criminals on the metro. People who drink from cups without a lid. People who eat and play loud music. They disregard the signs. People who don't get up for people in wheelchairs or old people. And then there are the worst: the people who think that they can just ride the metro for free, but they can't. They get on without paying for the ride. The security guards have a trick to catching those people. They get on just when the doors are about to close so you can't escape and then they try to check everybody before the next stop. It's a hit or miss. You might be lucky and get a free ride or you might get trapped by a security guard. They have whistles and badges and everything, so beware. And play fair, pay your fare! :)
Here is some metro fashion. This guy got on and the first thing that came to my mind was "Hey, more power to you!"
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