Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sleep patterns

Ugh. Night shifts are going to ruin me. 
After 3 shifts in a row, I always have one of these sleep patterns:
1. I take a short nap after my shift, go to bed at night, and I adjust to a semi-normal sleep cycle. This is most common, thankfully.
2. When I take my nap, I end up sleeping longer than I wanted and stay up half the night even though I am exhausted. For example, I am writing this at 4am after 3 night shifts because I overslept during my nap. ("my nap!" I sound like a child)
3. I get the nap and fall asleep at a normal hour, but then I wake up somewhere between 2 and 4 am suffering from hunger pains. This is because during my shifts that is the time when I normally get a break and eat. 
It's easier for my sleep to adjust just after 1 or 2 shifts, but 3 makes it extra hard. I love night shifts but they do terror on my sleeping and social life. I think all my friends assume I'm always working or sleeping (sorta true). I usually look like death when I am awake and I act weirder than normal. I don't want to complain too much but I am pretty sure my body hates me. 
But I got to tough it out. I need the experience and I am blessed to have such a great job.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Eye make-up: Pinterest idea

It's unrealistic to get your make-up to look as perfect as the photo's on Pinterest. Most of that is done by professionals or with more time than I am willing to spend on my own face. I still like to put on make-up and look nice. I like to experiment with colors and see what I can pull off! I have a few ideas posted on my make-up board, and this is the latest one that I tried.

Mine doesn't look quite as awesome, partly because I am way white and I don't like eyeliner all that much. But overall I was pleased with the result! I liked the color combination and thought it did well with the look I was going for. A sort of mystical-cool, not-that-into-you type of look! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinterest Fashion!

Peplum style coming back from the old days!
So I pin a lot on my style board and it's probably my favorite. I've pinned a few outfits that have one focus and that is the peplum.
Here are the photos from my board that inspired my outfit that I wore to church today. I bought the shirt on clearance from Charlotte Russe when I was shopping with my BFF Faith. It was a happy buy. When I left for church my mom said I look very 40s inspired.
Mission accomplished!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pinterest Exercise!

So I still love pinning. One of my favorite boards is my fitness board. It's so motivational. Every picture just makes me want to work harder and be healthier. It's hard to motivate yourself and to eat right when food is just so good! My sister and I are trying this quick start diet and I've already lost some weight. We're done with Insanity and now just pick and choose whatever workouts we want. Just stay active! So I've done every workout on my board at least once. These are the pictures of my favorites.

It's time to feel great about yourself and life!
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