Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pinterest Hair

So the point of Pinterest is to pin an idea and then go back to it later, right? I must admit that I am a pin-aholic and am guilty of the whole "well, when I have time" or "when I have money" or "when I am married" excuses. I have decided to change this. Goal: Fulfill a pin every week! This week I did one of the pins on my hair board. Here is the pin!
It claims to be easy (like everything else on Pinterest), so I tried it. I rolled my hair using paper towels and then I diffused it using the lowest setting. I didn't do my whole head because I have naturally curly hair and the underneath always ringlets. Basically all this did for me was make the top part curl tighter.

I did like how it looked, but I probably won't do it again cause the result wasn't worth the work. It would probably be worth it if  you had straight or wavy hair. Curly hair can be so unpredictable. One day it will look awesome and when you try to do it again, it just won't work. Life can be hard. 
Well, until next pin...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Africa Scrapbook!

It's been two years since I gave my heart to Africa. Finally I am doing the Scrapbook I planned. 5 pages done so far. Now I need to print more pictures! This is my work space. I took over Margaret's room while she was in Utah.
These are the first five pages that I have done.  Starts with the front page and ends with leaving South Africa!
I still have like 40 more pages but I love it! I love looking at the pictures, and reading my journal, and remembering the best time in my life! I miss and love Africa!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Newbery Award Winner Books

"To the library.
Books and summertime
go together."
-Lisa Schroeder
I'm going to read all the Newbery Medal Books before long! I've read 14 so far out of the 90 that have been awarded. I have to read them somewhat quickly because each year a new book is awarded and added to the list.
These are the ones I have read so far and my rating of them:

Moon Over Manifest (2011) 5/5 stars
When You Reach Me (2010) 4/5 stars
Crispin and the Cross of Lead (2003) 5/5 stars
Holes (1999) 5/5 stars
Walk Two Moons (1995) 4/5 stars
The Giver (1994) 4/5 stars
Missing May (1993) 3/5 stars
Maniac Magee (1991) 5/5 stars
Number the Stars (1990) 5/5 stars
Sarah, Plain and Tall (1986) 3/5 stars
The Westing Game (1979) 4/5 stars
Bridge to Terabithia (1978) 4/5 stars
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler (1968) 4/5 stars
The Witch of Blackbird Pond (1959) 4/5 stars

Here is my stack next to the bed waiting to be read:
I'm also reading The Hobbit in anticipation of the movie! Can't wait!!! Reading is one of the best parts of Summer!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Insane Fitness!!!

My sister Steph and I are doing Insanity to get thin and fit! We are in the third week and it's still killing me. I enjoy it though because I feel great and I love myself more. I still get sore, but it's a good soreness. It means hard work, endurance, and attractiveness. :) My favorite workouts so far are the abs and pure cardio. I always feel so fit after those two workouts! I've done Insanity before. I lost 15 lbs last time and that's my goal this time.
The hardest part for me when trying to lose weight is the dieting not exercising. I just love food too much! We are trying this new diet tip that is suppose to help burn fat quicker and easier. Before lunch and dinner we drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water with just a dollop of raw honey. Steph's in-laws tried it and got good results. Hopefully it will work because this stuff is pretty nasty. People keep telling me I will get use to it. I hope so! What we do for health and beauty!!!
I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll be brave enough to post some before and after photos...probably not! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Asia's Baptism!!

Asia got baptized! I am so proud of her. She is so amazing. She is holding the scripture bag that my mom made for her. 
We did a lot of swimming while my brother and his family visited! So much fun. Jumping off things. Doing flips. Splashing. Here are some of my favorite pictures.  
Oh and I finished another cross-stitch. I started this one when we went out East and I finally finished. I had help on it. My nieces and nephews helped with some of the houses.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Metro Special!!!

It has been a while since a metro post...I haven't been on the rail for a good 2 months. Thursday, my family and I went to a D-backs game in Phoenix. Here we are my nieces, nephew, and all the family on the light rail.
 Here we are at the game. We were fairly close, just behind left field. We had two home runs hit to our section. Very exciting!
Sadly the game didn't end in favor of the D-backs. Silly Dodgers and there silly fans. The game ended late and we were all very tired on the ride home, but still happy that we got to spend some quality time together. At night is when the crazy people of public transportation come out, so we saw a few of the usuals. The muttering man. The stoned and/or drunk man. And the crazy man that yelled at my niece and nephew to stay away from the tracks or they would die! He was very emphatic about it. Look how sleepy we all look!
 The game was fun. The light rail was fun but long at the end. It was a very fun day and at the end we were very tired. :)

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