Monday, January 30, 2012

Loud Metro

People yell on the metro and it can be loud. Some people yell crazy things. Some people just talk real loud on their phones. Some people snore real loud. Some people wear loud clothes. The AC on the metro is really loud and it makes you feel more comfortable to talk to your neighbor, but every once in awhile the air shuts off and there is an awkward silence. No one wants to say anything because they are afraid of being heard... except the one person who is already talking real loud about there really dramatic life. I can't help but eavesdrop. I am glad my life is fairly normal!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Metro Challenge

I had the most amazing idea... So it's hard to come up new metro stories every week. I know that I have friends that also ride the metro. If you ride your local metro and have a story or crazy picture of the metro and it's interesting people, PLEASE comment or share it with me through email or facebook and then in a few weeks your story may appear on Metro Monday!!! Remember to be kind! :)
Sorry for the lack of metro this week, but I will post next Monday.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Babysitting Harlos!!

Time to say "Hello" to Harley, my nephew. He's adorable.
I just started to babysit him three times a week so that his mom can go work out for an hour.
We play with toys!
We climb on things!
We watch fun movies!
We make messes and eat snacks!
We do silly things!
He is soooo cute! He talks a lot and says really cute things like "Buzz y Woody" and "Agua" (says that one all the time). I love babysitting this little boy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Metro Men

The Urban Dictionary's definition:
A heterosexual man whose secure in his sexuality, and his sensitivity, intuition and penchant for grooming, style and fashion doesn't make him feel any less masculine or any less heterosexual. A metro man is the image of a modern man.

My definition:
Men who are secure enough to ride the metro in modern day!
Happy Civil Rights Day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

School hath begun...

I have been in school for a whole week now and I am already really really tired. I have two days of classes a week and then I have clinicals and labs the rest of the time. My classes are ok so far. I have two online and to be honest, I don't like online classes because I have to motivate myself. I can be in my PJs though so that is good.
I had my first clinical this semester yesterday at Arizona Heart and it was my first 12 hour shift. This is AZ Heart Hospital. It's a small specialized hospital and very student friendly.
So my first 12 hour shift...oh my goodness was it long! I enjoyed it and learned a lot and I am loving AZ Heart, but I was tired afterwards. I was on the telemetry floor and I was busy and learning a lot. I passed a lot of meds, hooked people up to ECGs, did discharges and admissions, and saw a Synchronized Cardioversion. It was fun and it was long. I'm still tired. I'm beginning to feel more like a nurse! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Metro is back!

I am back in school and we all know what that means!!!
So I actually don't ride on Mondays (don't have class!), but I'm still going to blog about the adventures of the light rail on Monday! So this week was the first time that I didn't ride the metro at the wee hours of the morning. My class didn't start till 9 so I was on with a regular crowd instead of the normal abnormals.
There are more students on at this time and a lot ride bikes. Every light rail car has four spots to hang bikes to make the car less clutter. Do you want to know what's really annoying??? When people don't use the bike racks and block the doors with their bikes!!! People can't get on or are tumbling over your dumb bike (Sometimes funny, but usually sad)!! Do the right thing...hang up the bike.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I am doing P90X again. That's right! I've done it before. I love it! A lot of people make fun of Tony, but I think he's funny. I love the lean workout schedule. The workouts are great! My faves are Kenpo, Cardio, and Ab Ripper X! It makes me feel AWESOME! Maybe I'll post some before and afters...maybe! Especially if I look like her! :)
Bring it!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Midway, Provo, & SLC

We went to Utah, celebrated Christmas with Alex and Tori and Jeff, visited Salt Lake, and just hung out in Midway. It was relaxing. I love our place in Midway (landscape pics are of Midway)! We saw the Christmas lights in SLC and went to the Church History Museum as well. It was a good trip!
Margi was mad that it wasn't a real tree. Silly.
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