Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Babies over the break!

I want to brag about my cute nieces and nephews because they are way cute. My niece Alex came down for a visit and she is way cute and smiley. See for yourselves...
Isn't that face sooo cute!?
Kisses and Kisses!
Harley tried on my boots!
Kayli trying to eat Alex!
Harley my sweet boy!
Kayli is so cute and sweet! And wide eyed! :)
Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and I always love the family time. I have a great family! We have a big breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. Yum and fun!
This is my wonderful Grandpa... oh and Margaret came down!
Grandma and Grandpa (Great Grandparents to Alex)
Here's some of the family. We are missing like half...big family, right?
Mom and her dog, Dot! Cute sweater Dot!
Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot. Ain't she cute and little?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Missing Africa

Soooo...I went on this way fun date last Saturday with my friend Ben. We made pizzas. We made ours in the shape of Africa. He served his mission in Sierra Leone and as you know I went to Mozambique. We both love Africa! So we made a pizza that looks like Africa!
We are pointing at our homes!!

The finished product!
Cool, right?
I miss Africa a lot. I miss it everyday. I really want to go back. I miss the people. I miss the adventure. I want to go back. Maybe I will!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Kind Metro

I had a test this morning and I was studying my notes on the light rail. It's a great extra hour of study. This old man who looked like a cowboy sat next to me and like 15 minutes later he was getting off, but before he did, he said, "Don't worry. You'll be fine!" That made me feel a whole lot better about my test. And guess what?! I did great! It was so nice what he said! There are a lot of nice people on the metro. Young men and women give up their seats for older people or those who look like they need to sit down. Just a lot of politeness and common courtesy. It makes me happy.

Here are the pretty sunrise pictures that I promised. Taken at 7 am over Tempe Town Lake!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving thoughts!

I always feel bad for Thanksgiving because Christmas is already taking over. Poor holiday! I do love thanksgiving for multiple reasons...I'm going to tell you what they are! :)
1. Turkey
2. Family
3. Pie
4. Pilgrims (religious freedom seekers!)
5. More Pie
6. A Reminder to be grateful! I'm thankful for:
What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Currently obsessed with sunglasses!

I am obsessed with sunglasses at the moment. They are my current accessory of choice. I know it's no longer summer, but I live in Arizona so it doesn't matter. I took a bunch of pictures to show them off! :) Have a look see! (I know they look a lot alike, but they're different. Each one is unique and I choose which one I am going to wear depending on my mood!)
These are my more serious glasses!
These are just for giggles! :)
Oh and I got a new cardigan! I love it! (Please ignore how dirty my mirror is)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunrise on the Metro

I got on the metro when it was still dark outside. Way too early! It's always cool, though, to ride over Tempe Town lake just as the sun is about to rise. I didn't catch a good picture of it, but I will try cause it looks pretty darn cool. Everybody on the light rail were falling asleep. I wasn't fallin asleep (I woke up @ 2am to finish a paper) so I was looking through my phone and I found these photos that I have not shared yet. I really do love my metro people!
Pink hair!
Daffy Duck Tattoo!
This guy!
Just another day on the metro. Maybe I'll have a sunrise picture next Monday. It'll warm your heart right up!
TTFN! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mundane Metro

I hope for a great and crazy story for Metro Mondays, but sometimes my metro rides are uneventful. I tried hard to find someone acting crazy or dressing one! It's the end of the semester and the light rail tends to reflect the mundane days. I studied a lot on the way this morning. That's what is exciting about the rail today. My blogging was bad this week. I had a full week of school and it was crazy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Medical Metro

Fake arms, oxygen tanks, infection, reminding me of movies where they infect everyone in high traffic area, looking for symptoms depending on my rotation, every one has a mental/personality disorder. You notice these things on the metro when you are a nursing student.
P.S. I saw/thought of theses all today on my way to school.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Yum!

Yesterday I made carmel apples with Stephanie. We made some with peanut butter m&ms, graham cracker bits, or some were just plain carmel. All were drizzled with chocolate. Mine was carmel and chocolate! It was Yummy. I just ate it all. This makes me happy it's Fall! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween weekend!

I wen't/had a few Halloween Parties this weekend. I threw a HalloWii party and dressed up as a Rock Star type person. Had lots of fun! And then for the rest of the parties I went as Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender! (my favorite costume I have ever done!)
Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend!
My nurse! My rock pose!
Dos cosas
He's black and the other is Pee-wee
Oops she did it again!
We are gangsters!
Me and Mitt
Scary Kaitlin G!
I had a lot of fun this weekend!
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