Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Metro

It's been awhile. Sorry about that, but it is Monday and I rode the metro today. It is also Halloween and people on the light rail do dress up. On the way to school this morning, this guy was on the train. The train operator passed him and first, freaked, realize it was fake, and then said "Just don't get any blood on my train!" Haha, classic.
The one thing about Halloween is you aren't quite sure if some people are dressing up for Halloween or if this is how they usually dress up....hmm?
Wasn't sure with this one!
I really liked how this guy had a bit of the Halloween Spirit with him! :)
Happy Halloween from the happy Metro people! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tattooed Metro

The metro is an art gallery some days. A lot of people have tattoos. Body art is something I don't get, but I have a high dislike with anything on my skin. I don't like being written on. I still don't get tattoos though. There permanent, never going away, so when you get old and wrinkly and sag, so do your tattoos! "It's about self-expression!" So paint a picture! Tattoos are popular and a lot get on and off the train. Remember the homer tattoo? That one was funny.
Here's another one. Who's Patsy? And who would name their kid Patsy? The important question is why is Patsy tattooed on her arm?
I didn't get a picture of this guy who had the word "Couch" in gangsta letters on his arm. It made me laugh...I wonder what it means to him?
I'm not wanting to sound mean, but I wonder how many of these dumb tattoos were done when the receiver was in a compromised state of mind? Hmmm... I think tattoos are gross and stupid and they are on they light-rail to prove that!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nurse Life

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY=Nursing school and my life!
Update about the awesome things I do in school! OB was awesome with all the babies! :) I love being a nurse. I've saw a few deliveries and I've played with a few babies, which were so cute. I saw a C-section, which was the coolest thing I saw, but assisting in a delivery was the coolest thing I did.
This is my awesome group this semester on our birthing balls discussing the stages of labor!
We mess around with some of the equipment at school. It's so we are familiar with it! Here's my friend, Karissa vacuuming my face like a doctor would a baby out of the birth canal.
I am now in Pediatrics. I started yesterday with orientation. I'm excited to work with kids! I'm pretty sure pediatrics is what I want to do, so I am very nervous and excited for this rotation. We will see how it goes. Today I had skills all day. Went to school and practiced nursing skills for a long time. I was very tired afterwards. (Didn't stop me from partying on my Friday night though.)
This is Laura! One of my BFFs from nursing school. She's super smart and a great student and she's funny and we get along real well and she wanted to be featured in my blog. Here you go Laura! :) (She's also a youngster! Only 20!!!)
Yay for Nurses! This is my first group (a year ago) and they are all some of my closest and coolest friends!
I love nursing school! Can't wait to graduate May 3rd, but I do love nursing school. So fun!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Wednesday...Psych! :)

It's Psych Wednesday!!!!
Before the blessed event (6:00pm): Oh my gosh! I am soo freakin excited. I love this show! Can't wait, can't wait! I have been watching and re-watching promos and just torturing myself. I need to watch it NOW! Too bad I have a class to go to and have watch it after it's on, but I can luckily speed through the commercials. What is going to happen? Shawn and Juliet are together...Lassie knows... Excited!
After the blessed event (9:00pm): Um...Awesome! Love the ending with Lassie. So protective of Juliet! It's adorable...I was nervous when Shawn was hooked up to lie detector, and loved the flashback to 1991! Loved all the British jokes too! "Will you introduce me to Harry Potter?" "Where are your shoes?" "You Americans are so emotional!" "I am your Mother!" (Darth Vadar voice) I really like this show. Can't wait for next Wednesday!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Studying on the Metro

It takes me 1 hour to get school on the metro. That's about 2 hours of commuting everyday I have to go to get downtown. Luckily, I don't have to pay attention to traffic, so I can use this time to do schoolwork. I'm going to school to be a nurse...I study gross things sometimes and I usually have pictures to help my learning. Then sometimes people sit next to me and they see what I am studying and they see the pictures. Some ask if I am becoming a doctor, but the majority of the people make a gross face and try to sneak away to another seat. Sure way to keep people from sitting next to you, gross anatomy pictures!
(I had a gross picture, but I don't think very many people would have appreciated that so I put this one. I'm writing a paper about COPD!)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm a Mormon!

I really love my profile and this site. Check out my profile! This site is so cool!
I am a Mormon and I love being one. I like this site because it shares a bit about me and why I am a Mormon. It makes me happy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Last Weekend! Posting Now!

So I am finally posting about my trip up to Utah. I went last week to visit my sister and to go to General Conference! We were in like the 13th row! So close, it was awesome. We got there late, but we made it! Here's our view! Apparently, if you arrive late, you get great seats! :)
We roamed Salt Lake for a bit after the session and before we went to lunch. There are so many beautiful flowers around Temple Square! I love the colors!
We went to the Lion House and the Joseph Smith building that use to be a hotel and look at all the cool famous people that stayed there! (I spy Jimmy Stewart and Elvis! :) Two favorites of mine!)
We stayed at my parents house in Midway and it has the best views and it was especially beautiful because the leaves were changing colors. (I love Fall and Fall colors!)
I also spent a lot of time with my two youngest, cutest nieces. Here is chubby Kayli!
And meet Alex (I did on the trip!) and she is so cute!
So much fun in Utah!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Favorites!

Halloween is coming! I love this holiday! There are 6 big reasons why! Let's discuss them...

1. Decorating my mom's house! I love this part of the holiday season! It makes my house feel like it is really October! (And yes, I still live with my parents! :)
2. Dressing up! You can be whoever and whatever you want to be! This is Margaret and I last year. We went crazy with the pink hair spray!

3. Everything Pumpkin/pumpkin pie. The flavor is getting into everything and I love it all! I got frozen yogurt that was pumpkin pie and cheescake! Yummy!
4.The Great Pumpkin! You are a good man Charlie Brown...and Linus who stays up and waits for the Great Pumpkin! I love that InStyle (my fave magazine) listed this as one of their fave fall things and it is one of mine too!

5. Candy corn/pumpkins! Need I say more?! No. My Father, a candy corn vampire!

6. It begins the Holiday Season!!! The goal is Christmas. It's always Christmas! (at least for me!)
Can't wait to trick or treat! Only 26 days...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Metro Moments

Welcome October!
Another week has begun. I almost fell asleep on the metro, which you shouldn't do. I did it this morning. I didn't get much sleep this weekend and was pretty tired. I was only asleep for a minute but it was a scary minute.I was afraid I would miss my stop.
The stop I have to get on at from school to go home is like two blocks away from my school. I'm always hoping to make it in time, but I can't see the train till I turn the last corner. It's super annoying when I miss it by a few seconds. I have to wait for like 10 minutes for the next train. Lame.
I love it when people sit across from you and face you, but they won't make eye contact. It's funny watching them avoid looking at you. Makes for another awkward moment on the metro.
I'm still keeping my eyes open for crazy metro fashion. Here is this week's photo! Love the hat!
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