Saturday, April 20, 2013

That's a Wrap!

So I tried these body wraps that my sister Stephanie introduced to me. I did three within 12 days and lost 4 inches. I did the 4th about a week later and lost another inch. So far I've done pretty good at keeping the inches off, but I haven't lost much weight (I haven't been working out enough). That will hopefully change since I bought a gym membership. I think these wraps are really effective and a decent price, but I think I won't do them again till I am closer to my goal weight.  So you can put them on any problem area and you wear the wrap for 1-8 hours (I usually did it for 3). It has a lotion that does the work and when you take the wrap off, you rub the rest in and leave it alone! Then you see results! Here are my results and click for the website!
Can you see the difference? I sure can! :) 

Monday, April 8, 2013


Happy Easter!
For Easter weekend my mom and I made a trip up to Utah to visit my sister Margaret! We took my car which transforms nicely into a bed. It was actually quite comfortable!  One of the major reasons why I was visiting Margi was to go to the Holi Festival. It's a Hindu celebration where you throw colored chalk at each other. It starts bright  and fun, but by the end you can't breathe and have turned brown. It was still a whole lot of fun! We stayed at our house in Midway. It has an amazing view! I love it up there and the weather was great that weekend!

So, Happy Easter a bit late! I love this holiday. It reminds us of the Savior's sacrifice and His glorious Resurrection! What a wonderful thing it is to know that my Redeemer Lives! :)

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