Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1st Quilt

My mother is a quilter. I have so many memories of her quilting and all the girls hanging out in her quilt room chatting and having a good time. All my sisters have made quilts.  I finally caught up and made my first quilt.
So I have been making this quilt for a long time. I started it before nursing school and then nursing school happened. I am now graduated and I finished it! I did a simple pattern using strips of 1930s inspired fabric and then added sashing around the sections. It was a fairly easy quilt, which is good cause it's my first. This is my mom's long arm quilting machine that does the work for you.  Click here for her quilt blog! It quilts whatever pattern you want. Just load the pattern on the computer and click start! The quilts come out looking professionally made. I did the Young Womens logo as my pattern.
The end product was wonderful and cozy!! It feels victorious when you finish a project! Can't wait to do more! Plus, I love learning from my mother. She is the most creative woman I know and I love that she helps me develop my own creativity. She's the best! 
I love you mom! And Happy Mother's Day!


  1. It looks so great!!! I had no clue your momma had a quilting machine! I always send my quilts out to get finished, but now I'll have to ask your mom if I can pay her for use of the machine! Rad!

  2. So awesome!! I sometimes forgets that there are machines that do the quilting for you.. my mom is a hand quilter so she does all that quilting by hand!! Crazy!! Cute quilt and love the YW torch design!!


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