Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm thankful for...

My sister and her kids before dinner all say what they are thankful for and since I'm visiting I thought loo should do the same.
I am thankful for:
Transportation that takes me to family and those I love.
Food cause it's tasty.
Education. Work.
Being a nurse. Best job ever!
Peaceful thoughts and feelings.
Piano music.
USA. Freedom.
I'm really really thankful for:
My wonderful parents. No one has better parents than me.
My siblings and their families. I love spending time with every single one of them!
Christmas. For the above two reasons and the next one.
My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Without them, I'd have nothing and no direction in life our life for that matter. I'm most grateful for them and to them!
I really want to be thankful all year round, but I'm glad that we have this time of year to help us to be grateful for all we have!
Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

  1. This is a great list. We would add that we are thankful for Hilaree.


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