Monday, March 11, 2013


There and back again!
 A Wade's tale!
So not last weekend but the one before, My family drove out to drop off my brother Mike and his family. It was a long drive and we only spent about a day in Oklahoma. A very quick trip for my parents and I. We calculated it and out of the 65 hours that was the trip, 48 of those were spent in the car driving. That's a lot of time! I spent a great deal of it sleeping when I wasn't driving. We left late Thursday evening and got to Oklahoma City late Friday night. We stayed with my cousin Michelle and her husband Mike! They were so nice to let us stay! The next morning we drove to Tulsa and unpacked! Thankfully, Mike and Jeani's ward came and helped unload. It made the job go quicker. My mom and I got to babysit Kayli one more time. She played a lot with Dot! When the job was done, we went to eat at Freebirds (I think it only exists in the Mid-West). It was yummy stuff. We then said goodbyes :( and my parents, Dot, and I drove home, getting to AZ Sunday afternoon. So you can see that it was a very quick trip.  It was fun even though it was so short and a lot of driving. We sang "Oklahoma" a lot and with every Wade trip there were a few misadventures and tender mercies along the way. (The truck broke down on the way there setting us back about 2-3 hours, but there was a gas station just a few miles ahead!) It was all good. It was sad saying goodbye, but my mom and I are already planning a trip out there in August. I will miss Mike and Jeani and my little tiny-person, Kayli Mae!! I love them and I hope they have a good time living in Tulsa!
Here are some photos (a lot of Kayli, including some older ones)


  1. Kayli is SO cute!! This reminds me of when we moved, and Michael helped with that long drive. We started with family and friends along the way. The truck broke down in TX, luckily near the Straton's. Jones was just barely 2. And the boxes & kitchen look just like our apartment we moved into! What a great adventure!

  2. Maybe the family is just cursed when passing through Texas. We broke down in Texas too! The photo's of Kayli are adorable. Some of those are from a while ago. She misses you Hilaree! We all love you and miss you.


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