Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Once upon a time...

LoMia! Firesides! Ashlee Brown! YCL2s!!
Girls Camp was awesome this year! I went with Ashlee and we were over the fun firesides! And they were awesome thanks to our amazing YCLs, Jr. Staff, Bishops, and entire Maricopa Stake!
First night we played "Pick your Prince: A Matchmaking Game!" and we showed the amazing commercials that our YCL2s made!
Take a look see!
And the third one...
The first night was awesome. Next night was skits by the wards, but Ashlee and I went backinto Mesa for a good friend's wedding reception. We heard that the skits were great and we were a little sad that we missed them.
Ashlee and I had one more night to do the fun fireside. Bishop's night! We had our bishops play Whose Line and it was hilarious. And we also had a visit from Justin Bieber and Ludacris!
Overall, I think our firesides were a big hit!
One of my favorite parts of camp was hanging out with my bunkies!
Here we are with our cinnamon and lemon masks on! (photograph by Karla Zazueta!) The masks
burned! Ashlee swears that it clears your skin. I saw a difference! It became a trend around camp!
I bunked with Ashlee and Sabrina and Karla and Doride! I got an Ab workout hanging with these people. We laughed so hard every time we were all together (except when were asleep!).
Disclaimer: Camp was awesome!


  1. Heffalee! I'm over YL's, also, and doing Firesides, so you need to give me details about the fun.
    And, I'm an old person, and I didn't get the second commercial...

  2. Ya Firesides! The second commercial was spoofing The Harvard Sailing team Youtube video. Look it up!

  3. Camp is always awesome. I loved my camp too. I'm so glad you got to go. You're videos are so funny.


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