Thursday, January 12, 2012

School hath begun...

I have been in school for a whole week now and I am already really really tired. I have two days of classes a week and then I have clinicals and labs the rest of the time. My classes are ok so far. I have two online and to be honest, I don't like online classes because I have to motivate myself. I can be in my PJs though so that is good.
I had my first clinical this semester yesterday at Arizona Heart and it was my first 12 hour shift. This is AZ Heart Hospital. It's a small specialized hospital and very student friendly.
So my first 12 hour shift...oh my goodness was it long! I enjoyed it and learned a lot and I am loving AZ Heart, but I was tired afterwards. I was on the telemetry floor and I was busy and learning a lot. I passed a lot of meds, hooked people up to ECGs, did discharges and admissions, and saw a Synchronized Cardioversion. It was fun and it was long. I'm still tired. I'm beginning to feel more like a nurse! :)

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