Monday, January 9, 2012

Metro is back!

I am back in school and we all know what that means!!!
So I actually don't ride on Mondays (don't have class!), but I'm still going to blog about the adventures of the light rail on Monday! So this week was the first time that I didn't ride the metro at the wee hours of the morning. My class didn't start till 9 so I was on with a regular crowd instead of the normal abnormals.
There are more students on at this time and a lot ride bikes. Every light rail car has four spots to hang bikes to make the car less clutter. Do you want to know what's really annoying??? When people don't use the bike racks and block the doors with their bikes!!! People can't get on or are tumbling over your dumb bike (Sometimes funny, but usually sad)!! Do the right thing...hang up the bike.

1 comment:

  1. Can I tell you how much I love Metro Monday!?!?!? I love it times one million!


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