Friday, July 6, 2012

Metro Special!!!

It has been a while since a metro post...I haven't been on the rail for a good 2 months. Thursday, my family and I went to a D-backs game in Phoenix. Here we are my nieces, nephew, and all the family on the light rail.
 Here we are at the game. We were fairly close, just behind left field. We had two home runs hit to our section. Very exciting!
Sadly the game didn't end in favor of the D-backs. Silly Dodgers and there silly fans. The game ended late and we were all very tired on the ride home, but still happy that we got to spend some quality time together. At night is when the crazy people of public transportation come out, so we saw a few of the usuals. The muttering man. The stoned and/or drunk man. And the crazy man that yelled at my niece and nephew to stay away from the tracks or they would die! He was very emphatic about it. Look how sleepy we all look!
 The game was fun. The light rail was fun but long at the end. It was a very fun day and at the end we were very tired. :)


  1. fun game but not sad that we missed the light rail...25 mins each way by car and no traffic either direction!

  2. It was lots of fun. Stinking Dodgers.

  3. Everyone looks sleepy but the Phoebes! Wish we were there!


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