Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Insane Fitness!!!

My sister Steph and I are doing Insanity to get thin and fit! We are in the third week and it's still killing me. I enjoy it though because I feel great and I love myself more. I still get sore, but it's a good soreness. It means hard work, endurance, and attractiveness. :) My favorite workouts so far are the abs and pure cardio. I always feel so fit after those two workouts! I've done Insanity before. I lost 15 lbs last time and that's my goal this time.
The hardest part for me when trying to lose weight is the dieting not exercising. I just love food too much! We are trying this new diet tip that is suppose to help burn fat quicker and easier. Before lunch and dinner we drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water with just a dollop of raw honey. Steph's in-laws tried it and got good results. Hopefully it will work because this stuff is pretty nasty. People keep telling me I will get use to it. I hope so! What we do for health and beauty!!!
I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll be brave enough to post some before and after photos...probably not! :)


  1. Apple cider vinegar? Gross! One time when I thought I had parasites, Ashlee's mom made me drink a whole glass of it....never again. Good luck though!

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  3. Wow that's insane! I'm starting back up today.... hopefully I'll last.

  4. Good luck! I want to try Insanity sometime... when I'm not prego.


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