Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Babies over the break!

I want to brag about my cute nieces and nephews because they are way cute. My niece Alex came down for a visit and she is way cute and smiley. See for yourselves...
Isn't that face sooo cute!?
Kisses and Kisses!
Harley tried on my boots!
Kayli trying to eat Alex!
Harley my sweet boy!
Kayli is so cute and sweet! And wide eyed! :)
Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and I always love the family time. I have a great family! We have a big breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. Yum and fun!
This is my wonderful Grandpa... oh and Margaret came down!
Grandma and Grandpa (Great Grandparents to Alex)
Here's some of the family. We are missing like half...big family, right?
Mom and her dog, Dot! Cute sweater Dot!
Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot. Ain't she cute and little?


  1. aww.. your nieces and nephews are cute.. but I could never say they are cuter than my own. Sorry :)

  2. Wow we have the cutest nieces and nephews and that wasn't even all of them. And may I say your sister's new bangs rock! ;)

  3. Dot has scared me on more than one occasion! haha and hilaree you are looking good in these pics! Also I like Margaret's hair!

  4. A sweater, really? Ditty Dit--what a silly, spoiled dog!
    Love the hair cut, Gweets!
    Cute babies, but where are my cute babies picts??


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