Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Missing Africa

Soooo...I went on this way fun date last Saturday with my friend Ben. We made pizzas. We made ours in the shape of Africa. He served his mission in Sierra Leone and as you know I went to Mozambique. We both love Africa! So we made a pizza that looks like Africa!
We are pointing at our homes!!

The finished product!
Cool, right?
I miss Africa a lot. I miss it everyday. I really want to go back. I miss the people. I miss the adventure. I want to go back. Maybe I will!


  1. AHH!! I miss it too!! let's go back again soon please? and maybe have an Africa party in the meantime??

  2. An Africa Party would be awesome!!! I like that idea!

  3. Go back, but take me this time!!


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