Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunrise on the Metro

I got on the metro when it was still dark outside. Way too early! It's always cool, though, to ride over Tempe Town lake just as the sun is about to rise. I didn't catch a good picture of it, but I will try cause it looks pretty darn cool. Everybody on the light rail were falling asleep. I wasn't fallin asleep (I woke up @ 2am to finish a paper) so I was looking through my phone and I found these photos that I have not shared yet. I really do love my metro people!
Pink hair!
Daffy Duck Tattoo!
This guy!
Just another day on the metro. Maybe I'll have a sunrise picture next Monday. It'll warm your heart right up!
TTFN! :)


  1. hahaha this guy! That was my favorite!

  2. A & I were in DC last week, at a German Hist. Inst. gig. There was an older lady with a bit of bright blue in her white bangs. It was radical! I've never had colorful hair, and I'm thinking it's about time for some!


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