Monday, February 27, 2012

Mushy Metro

Confession. My metro riding days are beginning to dwindle. I won't be riding it much for the rest of the semester and then I will be done! But I hope to do my best till the end of the semester. So, February is the month of love and that was seen way too much on the light rail. People need to learn where and what kind of PDA is appropriate and public transportation is not the place for most kinds of PDA. It is cute when older couples are going on a day activity to downtown and they hold hands on the way to and from Phoenix, but those love sick teenagers mackin in the back of the train (or in the middle of the train) need to be told that's disgusting. On V-day I wasn't so stealthy, so no pictures but there was a lot of red and hearts and oversized stuffed bears and roses and cheap chocolates to remind anyone that it was Love-Day. Love was on the lightrail.
Next Metros will have pictures I hope.

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