Thursday, January 31, 2013

A new year, another story!

Happy New Year!
We are well into January (almost February), but I still want to reminisce about how great 2012 was and how excited I am for the new year! Yay 2013.
Milestones of 2012: (Click the links for the full story)
Graduating Nursing School!!!!
Passing NCLEX (scariest test in my life). They crush all confidence before they give you your license! But I am an RN now!!!
First Job as a nurse (which I love!)
The Hobbit (which I love!)
Falling deeply in love with cross-stitch (thank you Faith and Holly)
Six Flags in a day with Margaret and Jessica!
Hunger Games Midnight showing with Faith! (We are looking forward to Catching Fire!!! Who isn't?)
New Car (which I love!) I feel all grown up owning a car and paying for it! :)
New Babies, Anthea and Rigby! Super cuteness!
2 Nieces baptized-Yay January & Asia (they are so big)!
Surprising Mom for her birthday. (She has the best kids!) (link goes to my sister's blog!)
Ending the year with the Killers and Brandon Flowers!!!!

My hopes for the New Year!!!
1. Grad School...possibly. This goal is subject to change based on what's going on with my life.
2. Get into a healthy BMI, I'm working on being more healthy. Daily workouts and watching what I eat.
3. Cook Lobster and cook more in general. I don't really enjoy cooking, but I want to change that, so if anyone has any great recipes or suggestions, let me know.
4. Visit Mexico again-I haven't been since high school and I miss it!
5. Go to Temple once a week, at least visit.
6. Spend time outside everyday (It's been freezing lately).
7. Practice the piano a lot more. 
I can't wait to have another great year! Let's all make 2013 count! Live today!


  1. 8. Be with Margaret more because she's the coolest!!!!!!

  2. 9. Visit Jessica and her Shepherds more because they are also the coolest!!! When are you coming to DC next??

  3. 9. Visit Jessica in New York. You know you want to. :)


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