Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It's December and It's the month of Christmas. I plan on posting a lot because I love this time of the year! I'm going to talk about everything Christmas! Traditions are a big part of Christmas for a lot of people and I have a few of my own. One of my favorite traditions is that I read "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens every year. Best story ever!

This Sunday it was the great Christmas Devotional. The leaders of my church always make a Christmas address to help us remember the meaning of Christmas and remind us of Christ's example. It was a great devotional and it's online!
Three great guys and each of their messages were wonderful. I love President Monson's and my favorite was that he talked about "A Christmas Carol" which I love. For those of you who saw it, you might notice that my quote in the side bar was the one he used! Made me happy! :)
Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. I love Christmas too! You forgot that we watch lots of Christmas movies and drink gallons of Hot Chocolate.


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