Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Wednesday...Psych! :)

It's Psych Wednesday!!!!
Before the blessed event (6:00pm): Oh my gosh! I am soo freakin excited. I love this show! Can't wait, can't wait! I have been watching and re-watching promos and just torturing myself. I need to watch it NOW! Too bad I have a class to go to and have watch it after it's on, but I can luckily speed through the commercials. What is going to happen? Shawn and Juliet are together...Lassie knows... Excited!
After the blessed event (9:00pm): Um...Awesome! Love the ending with Lassie. So protective of Juliet! It's adorable...I was nervous when Shawn was hooked up to lie detector, and loved the flashback to 1991! Loved all the British jokes too! "Will you introduce me to Harry Potter?" "Where are your shoes?" "You Americans are so emotional!" "I am your Mother!" (Darth Vadar voice) I really like this show. Can't wait for next Wednesday!

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