Monday, October 3, 2011

Metro Moments

Welcome October!
Another week has begun. I almost fell asleep on the metro, which you shouldn't do. I did it this morning. I didn't get much sleep this weekend and was pretty tired. I was only asleep for a minute but it was a scary minute.I was afraid I would miss my stop.
The stop I have to get on at from school to go home is like two blocks away from my school. I'm always hoping to make it in time, but I can't see the train till I turn the last corner. It's super annoying when I miss it by a few seconds. I have to wait for like 10 minutes for the next train. Lame.
I love it when people sit across from you and face you, but they won't make eye contact. It's funny watching them avoid looking at you. Makes for another awkward moment on the metro.
I'm still keeping my eyes open for crazy metro fashion. Here is this week's photo! Love the hat!

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