Monday, October 17, 2011

Tattooed Metro

The metro is an art gallery some days. A lot of people have tattoos. Body art is something I don't get, but I have a high dislike with anything on my skin. I don't like being written on. I still don't get tattoos though. There permanent, never going away, so when you get old and wrinkly and sag, so do your tattoos! "It's about self-expression!" So paint a picture! Tattoos are popular and a lot get on and off the train. Remember the homer tattoo? That one was funny.
Here's another one. Who's Patsy? And who would name their kid Patsy? The important question is why is Patsy tattooed on her arm?
I didn't get a picture of this guy who had the word "Couch" in gangsta letters on his arm. It made me laugh...I wonder what it means to him?
I'm not wanting to sound mean, but I wonder how many of these dumb tattoos were done when the receiver was in a compromised state of mind? Hmmm... I think tattoos are gross and stupid and they are on they light-rail to prove that!

1 comment:

  1. Compromised state of mind is exactly right. Deluded by a fad. I once (very briefly) thought about getting one (an Angel Moroni!) I was in a compromised state of mind (16 or 17 years old.) _SO_ glad I didn't. Can you imagine how Dad would have flipped? He would have left me in San Diego to hitchhike home.


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