Friday, October 14, 2011

Nurse Life

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY=Nursing school and my life!
Update about the awesome things I do in school! OB was awesome with all the babies! :) I love being a nurse. I've saw a few deliveries and I've played with a few babies, which were so cute. I saw a C-section, which was the coolest thing I saw, but assisting in a delivery was the coolest thing I did.
This is my awesome group this semester on our birthing balls discussing the stages of labor!
We mess around with some of the equipment at school. It's so we are familiar with it! Here's my friend, Karissa vacuuming my face like a doctor would a baby out of the birth canal.
I am now in Pediatrics. I started yesterday with orientation. I'm excited to work with kids! I'm pretty sure pediatrics is what I want to do, so I am very nervous and excited for this rotation. We will see how it goes. Today I had skills all day. Went to school and practiced nursing skills for a long time. I was very tired afterwards. (Didn't stop me from partying on my Friday night though.)
This is Laura! One of my BFFs from nursing school. She's super smart and a great student and she's funny and we get along real well and she wanted to be featured in my blog. Here you go Laura! :) (She's also a youngster! Only 20!!!)
Yay for Nurses! This is my first group (a year ago) and they are all some of my closest and coolest friends!
I love nursing school! Can't wait to graduate May 3rd, but I do love nursing school. So fun!


  1. Love the suction picture... well, no, no I don't. :) But I DO love the nursing pictures. Nursing school is totally for you!


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