Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BFFiversary! 6 Years!

Yesterday, my BFF Faith and I celebrated our 6th BFFiversary! We celebrated by treating ourselves to delisous food at the Cheesecake Factory! I ordered the Pan Seared Salmon with mushrooms, spinach, and angel hair pasta! SOOOO YUMMMY!!! Faith and I decided that we deserved to treat ourselves to a good meal, so we ordered appetizers. We had the Avocado Egg rolls that were delicious. So good! We thought it would be fun if we got all dressed up and fancy! We ended up color coordinating! True BFFs!! :) We, of course, ordered cheesecake, but we ordered it to go because we had a movie to get to! We went and saw the Harry Potter movie! We went with my little sister, and friends, Ashlee and Holly. I thought this was one of the better Harry Potter movies. I am not the biggest fan of the 7th book, but I thought the movie was done well. The best part of it was the parts about Snape. I don't want to give it away, but if you have read it or seen the movie, I hope you agree with me! Alan Rickman is also one of my favorite actors ever since I saw him in Galaxy Quest (hilarious) and Sense and Sensibility (wonderful)! I think he was great as Snape and was the BEST part of the movie. Out of 5 I give the movie a 4 (thanks to Snape!) Faith and I had fun on our "date" and I can't believe that we have been best friends for so long! Yay for friends!!!

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  1. yesterday was so fun! we need to have more girlie nights out!


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