Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Classroom Decor!

I've been helping my dad decorate his classroom for the upcoming school year. It's a tradition that his daughters decorate his room every year. My older sisters did it before me and when they got older, Margi and I started doing it. I asked my dad what he is going to do when Margi and I get married and move away and he said he would probably retire! :) My dad teaches religion. He's known as a Seminary teacher and he teaches high school kids. This year the kids are studying the Old Testament! So there is a lot about the Creation and the prophets such as Moses, Noah, and Abraham. Margi and I had a lot of fun decorating and the last day Faith (my BFF) and her son, Lewis came and she helped us finish! I think it looks awesome!
Also, I was so focused on decorating my dad's classroom that I was surfing the web looking for ideas and I came across a few photos of just neat classrooms. I love the "old school" (haha pun!) look for classes. This one is my fave!
This is a traveling futuristic class. Neat, right?
And I loved this one too!

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