Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Story From the Life of Hilaree aka RSFTLOH

I was just remembering and reflecting my long life and a story came to my mind! It's RSFTLOH time!
Once upon a time...
in a classroom far far away by the freeway. Students were reading and writing and mathing and learning many great things. In the corner, four girls (Hilaree, Jenny, Krystal, and Margaret!) were rebelling, ignoring their studies, and learning a game that would change their lives forever! This game takes great skills of quick thinking, speedy reflexes, and immense endurance! The game is called SPAZ! All that is required is a set of UNO cards, more than two people, and a fighting attitude!
This game is so much fun, it hurts. :) It has gone many places. To Girls Camp, family reunions, and game nights through high school! And it all started in Mrs. Wong's class many years ago!

How to Play!
Divide all the cards among the players. No peeking.
In a clockwise order take turns discarding one card facing up.
When two cards of one color are placed on each other, everyone does the color's action and whoever is the slowest to do the action takes all the cards from the discard pile!
Goal: Get rid of all your cards!
If a wild is discarded, everyone does all the actions. Slowest takes the cards!
Double Green: Slap the ground or table in front of you! (hint to remember: green grass)
Double Red: Slap your chest! (hint: red heart)
Double Yellow: Slap your forehead! (hint: yellow fever)
Double Blue: Reach for the sky! (hint: blue sky)
Wild: All actions, Green, Red, Yellow, then Blue. Look out for your nose on the way up!

This game has brought a lot of joy to my life! I love it!

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  1. I had forgotten about this hilarious game!!! Did you girls make it up? I seriously need to practice so I can waste you and Margaret sometime! Beware! (Or from Taiwan, Be aware!)


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