Monday, August 22, 2011

Metro Monday!

So, I am an avid Valley Metro light-rail rider and I always have good stories from my adventures on the train. I decided to dedicate my Mondays to honor those adventures. I'm going to try to keep it up, but if the light-rail is boring that promises. These last few couple days, no specific adventures occurred. I just noticed some common patterns of behavior.
My favorite behavior is what I call the "Awkward Seat Exchange." The light-rail can get a bit busy and people have to sit next to each other (closer than they want to). Sometimes seats open up and people silently move away from the person they are sitting by in order to occupy the free seat. This transition usually is accompanied by awkward glances between the passengers, and slow shifty movements. It's as if the person is trying to do it in q way that doesn't offend the person they were sitting by. "You don't stink! I just have personal space issues." I enjoy watching it! And the person that doesn't move just blows it off with a grateful sigh! The light-rail is enjoyable and better stories are to come. Join me on Mondays for Metro-Madness!


  1. Haha... these should be interesting posts. Love the idea!

  2. Thanks! i am super excited about them!


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