Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School is near...

I can always tell when school is about to begin. It's true that everybody knows when school starts but I get strange symptoms as the school year approaches. One of the first symptoms that I get is "Christmas Fever." Right around the time that school is suppose to start, I began to think of the holidays. I listen to christmas songs, crave peppermint, and practice carols on the piano. I am already looking forward to the Christmas break! :) Another symptom is school nightmare syndrome. Those usually don't come till right before school starts (school starts tomorrow). I had one already. Last night I dreamt that I wasn't completely ready for the school year and I wasn't able to go to my clinicals and my teachers were mad at me. It was terrible! I know I'll be fine but I think the stress is already getting to me. I am usually more stressed as the school year approaches. I'm especially stressed for this year. I'm a senior! Which is awesome, but intimidating at the same time...I have to start growing up soon. Get a job...Make money :) It's all good though and I'll try to enjoy this school year as best as I can. I will definitely blog about my adventures at school and all that goes with that! School starts tomorrow, which means my adventures start tomorrow! Go class of 2012!
P.S. Like the new look for my blog?


  1. so jealous that you are graduating this year!!! can't wait to hear about your adventures, sad we won't be carpooling this semester! :-(

  2. I'm more jealous. I have at least three years yet. Sheesh.

    Growing up is funny. It sort of happens to you when you're not looking. You might not even notice for years how grown up you got during [life-changing-duration x], or college, or whatever.

  3. you're too responsible Hilaree, that's why you're so stressed haha


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