Monday, August 29, 2011

Metro Madness & Red Hats!

It's Monday! Metro Monday! To review...I ride the metro so Mondays I discuss these adventures!
Let's get started...
Many different kinds of people ride the metro. Students, bums, business people, laborers, religious fanatics, and women in red hats. So many people shuffling in and out of the train! It's unlikely that a story won't come up.
I am usually doing homework or reading on the light rail, but some days I like to just sit and observe. While observing one day, a group of older women came aboard the train. They were all wearing red hats and purple clothes. A few wear Mardi Gras beads, some have huge diamond rings on and all have red functional footwear! Let me introduce you to the Ladies Red Hat Society.
I love seeing all these women riding the light rail. They gab and gab and gab and what they gab about is very entertaining. I have to confess that I eavesdrop on the light rail, but everything I post is appropriate and isn't personal. So no worries.
Back to the Red Hats...they sure do find my generation troublesome. They find us a bit selfish and lazy, yet when they see the ASU students coming on and off the light rail, they boast in the great way that they are leading our generation. Old people make me happy! :) The fashion that these women make just increase my appreciation for the wise! :)

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