Saturday, August 20, 2011

School is here! And Family as well!

School has begun. I've only been to a few classes. Next week is when the crazy all begins! What I have experience so far has made me excited for becoming a nurse! This semester is OB, Pediatrics, and Public health. All seem very interesting to me!
So I haven't had too many classes this week, but I did have a lot of family time! Today, my family and I had a BBQ and swim party! It was so much fun! My sister took pictures and I'll post the link when she puts the pictures on her blog! I love my nieces and nephews and I had so much fun swimming and playing with them. I did get a bit sunburned, but it was worth it. We had hotdogs and hamburgers. I had to control myself because of the diet, but I love homemade hamburgers! I had one and some potato salad and watermelon...SO YUMMMY!! It's still feels like summer.
Today was great, except for one part and that was when Margi had to leave for Utah to go back to school. Silly girl! I helped her pack and dot said her goodbyes. We video chat and she's going to blog while she's up there. Thanks to technology, this separation won't be as painful! :) Have fun in Utah Margu!


  1. I still want you to be a certified nurse /midwife! It would be awesome. And I can't wait to hear about how you like this semester!

  2. Where are the cute pictures of your family that was there--Us Sheps!! We miss you and Margaret!

    BTW, Tac and I are eating milk chocolate kisses while I try to comment on all your blog posts. One is never enough!


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