Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jewelry & Shoes, YAY!

I forgot to blog about this, but when my sister was here from VA we beaded and made jewelry. This is what I made. The earrings were my sister, Steph's idea! She made an identical set for herself.

I went thrift store shopping with Ashlee this week and she found me these great shoes. I really like them and they were only $5 and in very decent shape. They look awesome! I love shoes!!!

I'm pretty sure I was a foot model in another life! :)
P.S. There is rain in AZ! Love it!


  1. Girl rock those shoes! I like them! You're lucky you can find shoes at thrift stores! I have to order mine online...TRUTH! haha

  2. I'm still on a jewelry kick! I'll have to send picts. of my latest creations.
    Love the shoes.
    There has been too much rain in VA. And it doesn't smell as wonderfully as AZ rain, btw. I miss that smell.

  3. Yeah you probably were a foot model in another life with other feet! And the smell of rain is disgusting, btw.


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