Monday, September 26, 2011

Metro Fashion! Part 2, Accessories

Metro Fashion continues! I have improved in my sneaky camera action. I caught some of my favorite wears! I'm focusing on the accessories of the metro frequents (and even the infrequents). Shoes, Jewelry, hats, headphones, sunglasses. All of that good stuff!
I love shoes and I was hoping for someone to wear some HOT ones, but people mostly wear sandals and shoes like these!
My faves!

Hats are always smart in the heat and I always love the idea of a bright bag to match. I love this picture. She looks cool.

I think tattoos can be classified as an accessory even though it's a permanent one (and not always a wise choice). This was my favorite metro tattoo this week! Can you tell who it is? Plus those socks!

This is my favorite accessory that I always wear on the light-rail. My U2 ipod!

These are some of my favorite looks this past week! Check out the awesome Ts riding the lightrail!

The light rail is totally awesome and the fashion is totally awesome. If I see any outfit or accessory that is truly crazy, I'll get a picture, now that I'm more stealthy!


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