Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Skinny!

We are running now! Faith and I are running now to get into shape! We want to run in the Trukey Trot on Thanksgiving! It's a 10K (6.2 miles) and we want to do it under 1:10:00. Crazy!! That's about 12 minute miles. I think we can do it. Plus I have a goal to lose 10 lbs by Halloween, so we are going to run and do P90X like crazy! I think we will be able to do it and I actually like to run now! :) Makes me feel great!


  1. Running is the best! Thanks for the inspiration to get into it again. good luck with the 10K...that is by far my favorite distance to race:) You'll do excellent.

  2. That's absurd! Running can't be fun!!!!!

  3. Losing 10 lbs. by Halloween is a worthy goal, but then one tends to gain it back with Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas goodies, New Year's Eve festive junk food...

    Good luck with the race, Hef!


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