Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Fever!

I am seriously suffering from fall fever! (hence blog background!) I can't handle it! The leaves need to change colors, the holidays need to start, and Psych needs to be on again! I am excited that it's September already, but there's still 2 months till Halloween... (and only 1 till Psych!)
I love Fall and there are a few reasons why!
1. Fall colors, including red Arizona mountains!
2. Pumpkins (for carving and Pie!)
3. Trick or treating (preferably a treat!)
4. Candy Corn (makes me smile!)
5. Fall Fashion... Yes!
6. Thanksgiving Feast... Yum!
7. (which is really #1) Christmas is on it's way!!!
Fall just gives me a happy feeling! When I see fall colors and "cozy" things I feel wonderful! Try it out... how do you feel when you look at these photos?
Looking forward to the holidays!!! ...and the Great Pumpkin!!! :)


  1. I'm with you on the fall fashion. It's September, I feel like I have a right to break out my coats, jackets, sweaters and boots. Too bad it's still 100+ degrees out there!

  2. I love fall too! That picture of the tree and made me want to go outside and rake leaves. And then jump in them. I can't wait for this stuff too. No wonder we're bff's!

  3. makes me think of thanksgiving my favorite holiday!!! and finishing the semester (another good thing).

  4. FALL, the best season ever! Lets all go hiking tomorrow, you know you wanna!

  5. Hey, Thanksgiving is MY favorite holiday, too! Yeah, in AZ October was always my favorite month. Here it is September. My window is open and it's about 74 degrees right now. Awesome.

  6. Love the Fall colors, and here in VA, they are the BEST! As for fall fashion, I need to get me some of those sexy low cut boots. Come out with the Rents and let's go shopping, Hefalee!
    Funny thing, fall has always been my favorite, but it precedes winter, which I really don't like (except Christmas, of course). That's why Spring is now my fav.


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