Saturday, September 24, 2011

Westwood's 50th and Pine's Apples

Westwood High School (my alma mater) celebrated it's 50th anniversary as a school and there was a party! I went and partied at the parade, alumni party, and the football game! I went with Faith, my BFF of 6 years. We became BFFs Sophmore year right when we began high school!
At the football game with Lewis! Go Warriors!
We haven't changed too much since high school! :) Still silly!
The Homecoming parade was awesome! They had a float for every decade of Weswood's existence! This is my decade! 2000-2011 It's a warrior headdress! Totally cool!
This is my other favorite because of who's on it!
This was the Seniors float and I thought it was awesome! I remembered that I am a Senior too (in college!) and so I felt special about graduating in 2012 too!

Today, I went to Pine! Pine is a cute little town that has festivals every once in a while. Ashlee and I went to one in May and decided to go back again and we brought Holly with us this time! It was the Fall Apple Festival. We shopped and I ate a carmel apple, while Ashlee and Holly had their frozen chocolate covered bananas.
Ashlee and I bought charm bracelets! (mine is on the left)
It's been a fun weekend!
P.S. Ovarf? Tribute to my random sister, Margi who is random at times! Check out her awesome and hilarious blog!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out :) I'm sad I missed the 50th celebration. Go Warriors!!!!


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