Monday, September 19, 2011

Metro Fashion! Part 1

Its monday again and I rode the metro. Over the last week or so I've noticed the major fashion trends of my beloved metro people. I have seen the shortest shorts and the tightest pants on a guy, and about every decade's major fashions. ASU shirts are everywhere too. (Sometimes I'm in one!) College students tend to be the trendy ones but sometimes they wear interesting things.
Go-go boot sighting! (my picture was messed up, but they looked like these) I don't know if these are coming back (I hope not), but a student was sporting them hardcore! And college boys always wear stripes and I don't know why...
Fashion on the light rail is so diverse and I think my fave outfit this week was a man in a biker outfit (and I tried to get a pic, but the guy got off too soon...dang!). I need to work on my stealth-picture-taking-skills more! The guy's outfit was dark blue spandex to the ankles, a green and orange bike shirt, a helmet, and biking goggles. He stood out! He also had sweat bands around his wrists and a red water backpack. The best part of his outfit was that he didn't have a bike, but he was prepared :)
Also, the men in blue. Security stand out with their blue collars, radios, badges and card swipy things.
Part 2 coming! Metro accessories!!!


  1. I wish you could actually get pictures of people... I'm sure there is shocking stuff.

  2. I think you could totally rock the white go go boots! haha let's hope those aren't worn unless its halloween!


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