Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Africa People I Love

There are just some people that you can never forget and they are usually people that you fell in love with. There were quite a few of these people in Mozambique for me. The ones I love the most were my orphans. This beautiful girl is Sarah! She was at the baby orphanage and she was my little girl! She always sat on my lap and held my hand! We played with her doll a lot too! I love her!
These two babies were also at the baby orphanage and I love them too! Sebastian and Josepha! My two wonderful little
babies. They had the cutest little laughs!
This next little girl was at the Dondo orphanage. Her name is Rosita and she would call me Tia and amiga! We hunted for flowers and played jump rope and patty cake!

Next is Emilu! We went to his orphanage in the evening and he was being pouty and grumpy so I teased him. He refused to smile for me, but when we went back he ran to me and we played tag. He remembered me!
This little boy is named Pensa and he was a handicapped child that smiled constantly!
He really wanted to make a backpack so I helped him! He was good at getting the needle through the fabric, but had difficulty getting it back through. So I helped with every stitch! He is so precious!

My orphans are so sweet and I miss them all so much!!!
(This is a video of me and Rosita)

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  1. I love when people blog a lot!!! Way to go. I love the African background and the great pics. Very cool experience!


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