Wednesday, July 13, 2011

African Adventures!!!

Here are just a few African Adventures that I Africa!!! :)

Journey to South Africa!
It took 25 hours just on planes to get to Beira, Mozambique! This map shows MOZ and just south of it is South Africa. The plane ride from DC to Johannesburg was 18 hours. My feet were swollen when I walked off the plane. No fun! The world cup had just happen so all the soccer (football) decorations were still everywhere!
We stayed the night there and it was pretty comfortable! That weekend was also Nelson Mandela's birthday celebration and the country celebrated it by having everyone dedicate 67 minutes of service to him as a gift. This is me putting my pledge on the posters that were presented to him on his birthday!Pretty cool I thought!

First Night in Mozambique!

It's safe to assume that the first night I was in MOZ, I was tired. After lots and lots of traveling, I wanted to go to bed. Funny thing is that when I sat on my bed it broke, so I had to wait a few more hours for it to be fixed. Everyone ended waiting up because the drill was so loud! An adventure!

Gorongosa: Wild Life Reserve!

When you visit Africa, it's only right that you would go on a safari! I did and it was awesome!
We arrived Sunday and did an evening tour and came back when it got dark (don't want to be in the bush in an open truck when its dark...scary). We went on another tour the next morning. This time we had a park tour guide and guess what his name was?!? SIMBA! We loved it. This is him with me and Rebecca. He didn't get why we thought his name was so cool.
We got to see a lot of different animals. Let's see if you can tell what animal is in the pictures. I spy...?
This first guy (not the birds) is a dangerous animal so we didn't get to close! He is actually part of the famous Big 5 of Africa!
He is large and I decided that his name should be Walter and if you haven't guessed he is a water buffalo!
Next up is a big guy and another Big 5!
We couldn't get to close to theses guys either because of how dangerous they were! We also had to be very quite. If we startled them, they would have charged us and our truck would have lost. They were grazing and magnificent creatures.
It was exciting to see them in the wild. It was a bit scary, but thrilling at the same time!
This next guy was a bit more friendly and outgoing. He and his buddies actually slept just outside of our bungalows that we stayed in that night.
There were Pumbas all around the main camp site and throughout the park. When we got back from our evening tour it was dark at the camp and Ruthanne got out of the car. There was a Pumba right behind her! When we warned her, she screamed and about jumped into Nate's arms. It was hilarious!
The safari was amazing. And it definitely meant I was in Africa. :)

So, these were just a few of my Amazing African Adventures! More adventures will be posted daily! Tomorrow (July 14th) is the one year anniversary of when I set off to Mozambique, Africa! :) Happy day!

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