Friday, July 1, 2011

Patriotic Prefrences

It's Independence Day weekend (hence the background!) and I want to tribute my posts to all things American! To start off Freedom weekend is a list of my all-american, all-time favorites!
1 & 2. Whenever I ask someone what they think of when they hear the word "American," they usually say "Apple Pie" and "Baseball" I love both of these and I also think of them when I hear the word American!

...I love technology...
3. Another Favorite of mine would have to be the great and super, Superman!
He is tied for first as my favorite superhero (Batman shares the title!) and he is truly American!

4. Another character that I believe represents America is none other than that red shoe wearing girl from Kansas...
...and her little dog too!

5. We like music in America and one of my favorite American boy/singers would have to be the King of Rock!
...You can never go wrong with Elvis!
6. We also like our movies in the good ol' USA! Every 4th of July my family watches one of the best movies of all time..."INDEPENDENCE DAY"

...action, comedy, romance! It has everything you need including a few attractive actors! :)
7. Speaking of attractive actors, a favorite American of mine is the legendary Robert Redford...
...and he's even in uniform! How patriotic! :)
8. Along with our great entertainment, America has great eating habits. We have an entire holiday surrounded by food to honor the 1st Pilgrims to this land and 4th of July is a holiday for Bar-B-Q-ing! We also have many fast food joints. My favorite is Subway...

...I don't think America would be the same without it!
9. One of the greatest things that I love about America is our freedom and those who fight to protect it. I favor the Marines and that's probably because I have a few friends who are Marines.
But whether they are Marines or something else, I am grateful that they fight and protect my freedoms. This includes the founding fathers. (George Washington is my Favorite Patriot!)

10. My all time favorite American Favorite would be my family! All-Americans! :)
These are just a few of the things I love about America! I know it got a bit mushy towards the end, but America can be sort of a mushy subject! It is built on mushy ideals such as freedom, liberty, and happiness. We should all get a bit mushy when we talk about America and the miraculous country that it is!! :) Yay USA!


  1. You know I love my mushy stuff! I cried when we put our American flag up. I Love AMERICA!

  2. Subway? Your favorite? You need to get out more.


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