Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Intro to Africa!

I went to Africa with Care For Life as a volunteer. They have a website if anyone is interested. I went with 7 other awesome girls, our amazing team leader Ruthanne and her son, and Nate our guide. We met so many amazing people that we will never forget. This is a picture of us at the baby orphanage. I love those kids. We played with them every morning!
What we did in Africa was awesome. We visited orphanages and played with the kids (best part). We also went to the communities that Care For Life sponsor and we taught the kids how to sew back packs and weave pouches. There were a lot of kids and all so beautiful!
The best parts of the trip were all the little experiences and moments. All life-changing and I hope I'll never forget. I'll tell a few this week in honor of the anniversary of my trip. Here's one: First day in Mozambique! Arrive at the small airport in Beira. Little boy in a red shirt that was so adorable! He waved at us the entire time we were loading the truck and van to go to the compound (home).
Two days later we go back to the airport to pick up Papa, a CFL employee. Our little boy was still there in the same clothes (MOZ is the 6th poorest country in the world, FYI). We all had to get a picture with him because he was the first we fell in love with. So many more kids followed in the same pattern! :)


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