Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trip East, Part 1: Phoenix to Palmyra

My Family (mom, dad, margi, and I) set off for another grand road trip cross country about a week ago. (explains the lack of blogging, sorry) We traveled very quickly across New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, into Virginia. It took us 2 and a half days to get to Virginia and that includes the night we slept in Nashville. It was a lot of driving and it included a near death experience, which is another story. This was the fastest road trip I've been on, but then it slowed down a bit. We picked up my niece and spent the night in Maryland, then we drove up to New York with my family that lives by DC. So, lots of driving. We ended up in Palmyra for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Before the pageant we went to lake Ontario and had a bit of beach fun. It was hard to enjoy it because it is an extremely smelly lake, but we tried to make the best of it! The pageant was awesome! It's about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Church of Christ. We also saw a bunch of the awesome church sites in that area. We went to the Smith farm in Palmyra (after seeing the Palmyra Temple that's next to it!) and stood in the room in which the angel Moroni appeared to the boy Joseph. Very cool! We also walked through the near by Sacred Grove where the same boy saw God the Father and the Son Jesus Christ. It was peaceful and comforting to stand in the same woods where God and Christ had appeared. The trees and scenery were beautiful! The other site we went to was an hour away in Fayette. It was the Whitmer farm where the church was organized in 1830. Very awesome! We saw all these sites in one day and to finish it off we climbed to the top of the Hill Cumorah, the hill where the Gold plates were found by Joseph Smith Jr. We saw the behind the scenes for the pageant and the statue of the angel Moroni. So far this trip has been a blast and I have loved hanging out with my older siblings and all my nieces and nephews. They are so cute and we have had so much fun playing with them and watching movies. (except that they all keep asking me when I am going to get married :( no good!)
We celebrated Margi's Birthday in Palmyra and had ice cream.
She's getting old! 20 years old and the baby of the family.
More about the awesome fun will be posted! Keep an eye out for it!!!
P.S. It's my nephews B-day today! Happy Birthday Tai! (He's the little boy in the picture!)

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