Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trip East, Part 2: Niagara Falls to New York City

The trip has been wonderful thus far! Before leaving Palmyra, my family visited the historic Book of Mormon publishing site. It was really wonderful to see the original building (they have some of the original bricks) and how the book was made. I saw a real first edition. They also had some original churchy paintings that I love, like the one of Jesus when he visits the Americas (it's in the BOM)! Palmyra was wonderful. We traveled to Niagara next to get a bit wet! It was beautiful there!!! The falls are loud and large and we rode on the Maid of the Mist (a boat) to get closer look. It was fun to be on the boat and see the falls with my nieces and nephews. They got so excited when we got wet. We got a bit of water on us at first when we past the America falls but we were not close enough to get soaked. We then sailed to the horseshoe falls where we got really wet. It was a lot of fun! And to get even more wet we climbed up next to the falls and all the heavy mists that come off the falls got us and we were finally soaked! Our little ponchos failed us!
Lots and lots of fun in Niagara! And to make the experience of upstate New York even better, we went to Buffalo and had legit Buffalo Wings that were super tasty! I ate 15 and some celery. Very very yummy!
My parents, Margi, and I then split off from the group and went to
NYC for some fun and to do my favorite thing, SHOPPING!!! New York City is a favorite of mine, but we did a lot of walking and my feet got tired! We did ride the subways which is always a nice break from walking, but it made me miss my wonderful light rail back in Mesa!
I ended up getting some fun things while I was there. Some cute new clothes and accessories, including my new favorite pair of sunglasses. We also visited my great aunt. It was fun visiting with her and her husband.
New York is fabulous and I love the picture I got there of this old guy. "The city that never sleeps?" :) Still more fun to come!

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  1. I've been to a lot of those church history sites too and they are so amazing! the maid of the mist is also fun. I wish I could go back. Oh and I'm glad your home!


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