Monday, July 11, 2011

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers...

Miss Heather Oliphant, a friend of Margaret and myself, came over and watched a few movies and taught us and Jeani (sister-in-law) how to make these fabric flowers. I turned a few into hair clips and the others will become something else.
Heather makes a bunch of these type of flowers and she has a website where she shows them off! They are really cute!
We had so much fun making them and it doesn't require a lot of fabric. We used scraps that my mom had left over from her quilts. These flowers are great for little girls and easy to make. Maybe when I go out East I'll show my nieces how to make them!
Also, when I was helping my mom clean her laundry room I found a bunch of antique buttons and things and my mom gave me this one. She thinks it was her grandmother's. I'm hoping to make it into a necklace or something, so look forward to seeing it again!
Also again, this week is the one year anniversary of my amazing adventure to AFRICA! July 14th last year with a group of 8 girls I ventured off to Mozambique for some life-changing volunteer work! This is one of my favorite pictures and one of the firsts that I took in Moz! This week there will be something about Africa in each post!


  1. Those flowers are very cute! Love them!

    With what group did you go to Africa with? I'm so jealous and am excited to hear more about it every day this week!

  2. I love those flowers. So cute! What are you going to use that big one for?

  3. I made it into a hair clip, but I don't know if I am going to keep it as that! Ideas?


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